Documented Fire Risk Assessment

Ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

All our Fire Risk Assessors are fully qualified and technically competent to conduct your fire assessment. They’re trained to carry out fire risk assessments and provide guidance in accordance with British Standards and Building Regulations.

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Documented fire risk assessments by fully qualified and competent risk assessor's - Call or email us today to discuss your fire risk assessment requirements

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We provide documented fire risk assessments by qualified fire risk assessors throughout the UK.

Once we have completed the onsite survey (fire risk assessment) of the Building(s), and or your area of responsibility, we would create a fire safety management plan for the responsible person(s), which would include:

  • Documented fire risk assessment (Format British Standard – PAS 79:2020 Fire Risk Assessment)
  • List of fire safety significant findings
  • Recommendations on all remedial action(s), where required
  • Identification of potential ignition sources
  • Fire risk assessment performance indicator
  • Fire action plan for corrective action (Risk reduction / Legislative compliance)

For more information on our fire risk assessments please call or email us today to talk to a fire risk assessor!

On behalf of our clients we regularly conduct fire risk assessments at the following types of premises:

  • Common areas of block of flats or converted houses
  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Hotels
  • Offices (Large and small)
  • Factories and workshops
  • Health care premises including doctors surgeries, dentists and hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Sports facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Schools and nurseries

Fire Safety Services have been conducting fire risk assessments on behalf of our clients for over 15 years and we carry full Public Liability / Efficacy and Professional Indemnity Insurance for your peace of mind.

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