Construction site fire marshal training

Our Construction Site fire marshal course is a certificated course that defines, assists and instils confidence to those people who have a key role with the management of fire safety on Construction Site. This course covers both emergency and none emergency issues of this vital role. This fire marshal course fully complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health & Safety legislation.

Please note that our PowerPoint presentation and DVD’s for this course are tailored towards fire safety on Construction Site.

Certification valid for 3 years

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Book your Fire Marshal training course now, up to 20 delegates for £399.00 per course - No hidden costs & includes practical demonstration of fire extinguishers

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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will be trained to:

  • Understand the role of the Fire Marshal / Warden
  • Understand the importance of regular fire drills
  • Explain how fire and smoke spread within buildings
  • Awareness of all fire safety measures in the workplace
  • Understanding of their actions in the event of fire and the operation of the fire alarm
  • Confidence in identifying and operating the correct fire fighting equipment
  • Explain common causes of fire in the workplace
  • Assist the company in simulated and live emergency evacuation situations
  • An understanding of human behaviour in fire
  • Understanding the threat of arson

Course Overview

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • DVD short films – Construction Site 0n “The role of the Fire Marshal + Fire Safety  + Arson Prevention”
  • Practical operation of fire extinguishers (optional)
  • Real use of fire extinguishers on an environment friendly controlled fire simulator (optional)

Course Content

Fire Safety:

  • Fire statistics
  • Fire Legislation
  • Action in the event of fire
  • Operation and types of fire alarms
  • Action upon hearing the fire alarm
  • Means of escape
  • General fire precautions
  • Smoke travel
  • Human behaviour in fire situations
  • Identifying fire hazards in the workplace
  • Arson prevention
  • Liaison with the emergency services

Course Content

The Theory of Fire:

  • Triangle of fire
  • Classes of fire
  • Methods of extinguishing fire (optional)
  • Identification of fire extinguishers (optional)
  • Operation of fire extinguishers (optional)
  • Basic fire fighting techniques (optional)
Call 0845 388 1596

Book your on site Construction Site Fire Marshal training course now, up to 20 delegates for £399.00 per course - No hidden costs & includes practical demonstration of fire extinguishers

Call 0845 388 1596

All delegates that attend this course receive a certificate of attendance, 23 page of training notes and can contact our staff at any time for free advice and assistance with their role as a fire marshals. Please note that our relationship does not have to end on the completion of the course. As we have already said, We offer free advice to all who attend.

This training course takes up to approximately 4 hours (with fire extinguisher training) and can be provided at your preferred location. Please note that we have a maximum of 20 delegates per training session.

Please see below for some recent course feedback from our clients staff;

“Trainer really good, knowledgeable and nice. Thank you, very useful for the job we do.”
Trainer Scott, Elysium Healthcare 13.09.2017
“Really well presented and informative. Very informative, good communication. Good banter – made the course more interesting!”
Trainer Guy , Bunzl 09.08.2017
“All very informative – the outside practical was good!”
Trainer Pete, Canford Healthcare 21.08.2017
“Included information that is not always known to the public. Good mixture of practical, talking and videos”
Trainer Scott, GCDA 06.06.2017
“Trainer was well informed and very approachable. Relevant, applicable skills applied to both work and home”
Trainer Scott, Lucid UK 04.07.2017